Experiencing the landscape through our screens.

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Walter Benjamin predicted that in 1928 the boundaries of photography still can not be predicted. Currently, the massive use of geo-referenced images and the popularization of Google Earth imply a qualitative and sociological jump around the world that accelerates the emergence of geosemantics. This project focuses on the juxtaposition of two different readings of the landscape; one framed in impressionist painting, another in the construction of the image through human intervention in the process of digital image printing in the context of global geolocation.
  •  Bóquer, Anglada Camarassa

    Bóquer, Anglada Camarassa

  •  Waterlilies, Claude Monet

    Waterlilies, Claude Monet

  •  El COlomer, Tito Cittadini

    El COlomer, Tito Cittadini

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  •  Bóquer, Ysern

    Bóquer, Ysern

  •  El Cingle Verd, Llorenç Cerdà

    El Cingle Verd, Llorenç Cerdà

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